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Candles and wax melts make great gifts for the people in your life. They provide light, a pleasant aroma, and a sense of comfort to anyone’s home.


With so many different fragrances available, how do you know which one to pick? This gift guide will help you narrow down which product and scent to get for the lucky people on your list!

Most people know at least one person that loves spending time in the kitchen. Slicing, kneading, and sautéing are second nature to this person. Whether it’s in the oven or on the grill, this person’s talents will send your stomach into a growling frenzy with the smells alone.

We recommend:

For the one that loves to cook/bake

something nutty wax melts

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With notes of butter, nutmeg, and vanilla, this delicious aroma is sure to please any chef or baker. We know that sometimes the kitchen can be a pretty busy place. Wax melts will allow the culinary connoisseur in your life to enjoy this mouth-watering fragrance without an open flame. Throw in an electric wax warmer to create an exceptionally thoughtful gift!


Whether it’s in books or on the big screen, candles are the perfect gift for those who love to get lost in worlds other than their own. They have more than one entertainment subscription or possibly a library of physical or digital books. Either way, they take imagination vacations for hours at a time.

We recommend:

For the one that loves other universes

something currant-ly


The luscious aroma of this candle is a gentle embrace of blackberries, currant, and amber. This soothing combination of notes creates a calming atmosphere; great for letting your mind wander. We always recommend letting your In The Air candles burn for a minimum of 3 hours (but no more than 4), which is great for watching a couple of movies (or just one watch of “Avengers: Endgame”) or getting into that fantastic book you’re reading.


This person is a ball of energy almost all of the time They’re always moving (usually toward a gym or yoga studio) and have a sunny and bright disposition. Thanks, endorphins! They have a gym membership that gets just as much of a workout and they are all about getting their money’s worth.

We recommend:

For the one that loves to sweat

something spicy


This crowd favorite isn’t only a great scent for fall lovers; it’s great year-round! Oranges are known for providing a boost of energy. While there’s no vitamin C in this candle, it’s sure to provide a burst of delight in anyone’s home! Plus, it’s great for eliminating that gym bag smell that no one loves.

They’ve worked hard all day long. Nothing would be better than to come home, throw on some comfy clothes, and do as little as possible. Or maybe they’d like a night out on the town with their friends to relieve some stress. In any case, they deserve a little R and R.

We recommend:

For the one that needs to unwind

something apple-y wax melts


This isn’t your typical apple scented candle. With touches of maple and bourbon, this warm and inviting fragrance is sure to please anyone who just wants to lay down. Wax melts are the perfect form factor for those who are constantly on the go. Pair them with an electric wax warmer for a stress-free gift combination.

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